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      推動經濟社會發展切實轉入科學發展軌道  To truly put economic and social development on a scientific track.

    科學民主決策   Make decisions scientifically and democratically.

    中央  The national leadership/The central Party and government authories/The central government .

    我們要發展老齡事業   We will develop old age programs.

    我們必須以對國家和人民高度負責的精神采取有力措施解決這些問題   We must maintain a strong sense of responsibility to the country and people and take forceful measures to resolve these problems.

    著力解決民生問題   Every effort was made to improve the people's well-being.

    政府自身建設存在一些問題   Governments efforts to enhance performance still have room for improvement

    存在這些問題根本在于制度不健全,監管不到位  The root cause of the problems lies in institutional deficiencies and poor oversight.

    領導干部要深入基層了解群眾疾苦   Leading officials should visit communities to better understand the problems troubling the people.

    加強基層民主   Expand democracy at village and community level.

    不少支出增長是剛性的   Making increases in expenditure are fixed/mandatory.

    積極穩妥推進企業政策性破產工作   Actively yet prudently proceed with work related to policy-mandated bankruptcy of enterprise.

    對產能過剩行業進行重組   To carry out restructuring of facilities in the coal industry.

    淘汰煤炭行業落后產能   Close down backward production facilities in the coal industry.

    為增強經濟增長后勁發揮重要作用   Play an important role n sustaining China's economic development.

    規范收入分配秩序   Standardize pattern of income distribution.

    歷史罕見的自然災害  Natural disasters of a severity seldom seem in history.

    實施治理商業賄賂專項行動  A campaign to combat business bribery was launched.

    投資消費關系不協調  Investment is not in keeping with consumer demand.

    政府職能轉變滯后   Moves to change the way the government functions are behind schedule/have not made expected cprogress.

    向人民交出滿意的答卷  To deliver a good report to people.

    政府工作的基本思路是:   The basisc approach for the work of government is:

    關系中國現代化建設   To care about China's modernization

    城市最低生活保障制度   Systerm of basic cost of living allowances for urban residents

    全面推進社會主義經濟建設,政治建設,文化建設   Promote all aspects of socialist economic,political,and cultural development.

    穩定消費預期,擴大即期消費   We should ensure consumer confidence and expand immediate consunption.

    以更高昂的精神狀態恪盡職守   We must carry out our duties with greater drive.

    根據經濟運行的新情況完善政策   Improve policies in response to new developments in the operation of the economy.

    把各項政策落到實處   Truly put all policies into effect.

    妥善處理內需和外需的關系  Properly balance domestic demand and intornational demand.

    統籌考慮國內外經濟發展的相互聯系和影響   Take into consideration the interconnectedness and mutual infuence of domestic and international economic development.

    抓好以下幾個方面  We should concentrate on the following areas:

    解決出口退稅歷史欠帳   Resolve long-standing arrears in export tax rebates.

    放寬市場準入  Relax control over market entry

    改變外貿增長方式   Change the way China's foreign trade grows

    引導銀行加大對農業貸款的支持  Guide banks in continuing to increase credit support to agriculture


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