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    Farewell to Es***

    瀏覽: 7043發布: 2014-04-23

    Farewell to Es***

    Addressed by HUANG Shusheng

    Mr Tim Coulson,
    Ladies and gentlemen,
        As head of Study Tour of High School Science Teachers from Wuxi, China, I am honoured to be asked to speak.
    In ancient China, there was a great poet Li Shangyin living in Dang Dynasty, more than one thousand years ago, he wrote, “ 'Twas hard to meet thee and then bid farewell.”. This line of the poem expresses our mixed feelings at the moment.
    On the day of June 15th, 2013, we arrived in Es***, where most popular stars of the UK were born. In the lives of mortals, we are told, the best days are the first to flee. Yes, it may be a milestone for an ordinary teacher to go abroad, though twenty-three days of our studying in England is only momentary in life. But we have benefited so much indeed that I have no doubt that many of my colleagues regard Es*** as their second home.
    In Es***, we have observed in different schools over 400 hours of lessons, most of them are science lessons and activities, then discussing ideas with the teachers of England after class. And in the Wickford Center, we have listened to nearly 20 professional lectures as well, mainly focusing on effective teaching and learning in the field of science education of high school. One more superb rewarded is that we get an in-depth understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education and its popularity.
    On the weekends, we also visited Shakespeara’s Birthday, the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, Science Museum, the British Museum and many world top universities, such as Oxbridge and University of Es***. These varieties of site-based learning, cultural and academic exchanges have already promoted us to widen our field of subject vision and realize intellectual value.
    Yes, I am sure, what we have just learned in England will benefit the science education of Wuxi in the long run.When we are back at school, we will certainly make practical use of the advanced knowledge and class strategies from English experts. In addition, we are going to launch a research project, with the title “A Comparative Study on Active Participation in Science Learning -- Through Observing Secondary Classrooms in China and England”, mainly adopting case analysis and lesson study as research methodologies .
    Life, it is thought, a dream, walking, Thanksgiving, or repentance. During our stay and study in Es***, the host schools gave lots of thoughtful support and assistance to us. Meanwhile, we received the hospitality of the host families.
    So, on behalf of Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Education and its Education Science Institute, all my peers and myself, I do appreciate Es*** County Council, Es***-Jiang Center for Chinese Studies, the host schools and families. How I miss the vast, sky and green grassland of East England!
    However, all good things must come to an end, as people say. On such a splendid evening,  we would like to say “thanks a lot! thank you very much!”
    Xu Zhimo, a famous poet who graduated from Cambridge University in the late of 1920s, once said, “Silent is Cambridge tonight! Very quietly I take my leave/ As quietly as I came here; Gently I flick my sleeves/ Not even a wisp of cloud will I bring away.”
    I have a dream, to meet and host you, our dear families of Es***, at my hometown some day, and we will surely show you around Taihu Lake, the dream land with classical Chinese culture in Yangtze River Delta.
    Thanks to all of our friends for your attendance again. Thank you!

    July 7, Garden Village, Great Notley, Es***, UK

    HUANG Shusheng, Phd, lead SBCD consultant, working at Education Science Institute of Wuxi, head of Study Tour of High School Science Teachers, 2013.
    Tim Coulson, Director for Education and Learning of Es*** County, UK.
    Study Tour of High School Science Teachers from Wuxi, consists of 22 members, engaging in a comparative lesson study of science education in different schools of Es*** County Council, UK, from June 15 to July 7, 2013.



    88882888, 13906192326